Friday, June 30, 2006

Carlos Santana

My cousin married to a photographer. His name is Larry Hulst...they live in Colorado Springs, Colorado....He photographs rock and roll stars, and their bands...
They sent me these photographs ...thought I'd share them with you! You can look at lots of Larry's work at
I think they are awesome......he is also the photographer for the Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs.
I love Carlos Santana...I've seen him many times in concert throughout the years...


CSN&Y are one of my all time FAVORITE bands....They are going to be playing up in Tahoe on my birthday in July....I wanna go!

Aaron Neville

He sings like an angel...

Johnny Winter

Janis Joplin

It's the one and only Janis...."Take a Little Piece of my Heart now Baby"....

Always a Water Child......

Here's an old one I found...taken in about 1956 or 1957....I'm in the very middle and my cousin Roseanne is in the front. We were at Peckway Creek in PA. with our families for a picnic. I loved the water then...and still do now! Thought this would be a good post for this hot Summer day! Dad just left for the coast with my brother...they are going to Fort Bragg. An and I now have 6 days and this big old house to ourselves....I am looking forward to the break! Since nobody is here...I just might go for a skinny-dip in the pool right now...(before somebody comes over)....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday's Poem

Dear Colette

I want to write to you
about being a woman
for that is what you write to me.

I want to tell you how your face
enduring after thirty, forty, fifty...
hangs above my desk
like my own muse.

I want to tell you how your hands
reach out from your books
& seize my heart.

I want to tell you how your hair
electrifies my thoughts
like my own halo.

I want to tell you how your eyes
penetrate my fear
& make it melt.

I want to tell you
simply that I love you...
though you are "dead"
& I am still "alive."

Suicides & spinsters...
all our kind!

Even decorous Jane Austen
never marrying.
& Sappho leaping,
& Sylvia in the oven,
& Anna Wickham, Tsvetaeva, Sara Teasdale,
& pale Virginia floating like Ophelia,
& Emily alone, alone, alone....

But you endure & marry,
go on writing,
lose a husband, gain a husband,
go on writing,
sing & tap dance
& you go on writing,
have a child & still
you go on writing,
love a woman, love a man
& go on writing.
You endure your writing
& your life.

Dear Colette,
I only want to thank you;

for your eyes ringed
with bluest paint like bruises,
for your hair gathering sparks
like brush fire,
for your hands which never willingly
let go,
for your years, your child, your lovers,
all your books....

Dear Colette,
you hold me
to this life.

Erica Jong

Here is my art challenge card...Jack of Hearts. I like the way this one came out.
Today is a much better day... my Dad is feeling much better, and getting ready to leave for the coast tomorrow with my brother. My cat, Shaquille, is feeling alot better....I found the problem last night...he has an abcess. I gently pressed on the wound to get the poison out...then cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide...he is up walking around... drinking and I think he is on the mend. Little Toby got groomed this morning, and I just gave him a leftover rib he is happy! Now..I feel much better since Dad, and the animals are doing better.
It is hot again today...somewhere in the 90's...I'm going to read the new Somerset Studio... work on some art, and read some of my favorite blogs which I love to do...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here is the 2nd frame in the frame swap. Theme is "Springtime In Paris".......
It is cooler today...and a much welcome break! It is cloudy and muggy...but at least it's not 100 and higher! I am bummed big old cat Shaquille is sick...he has been laying on the floor in front of my Dad's bedroom door for first I thought it was the I'm not so sure...I went to pick him up and he hissed at I know something is wrong...this cat would NEVER in a million years hiss at me! He is the most loving creature...I layed down by him and talked to him...then started crying....he started talking to me...and purring. The strange thing is...that my Dad doesn't feel good's like the cat is protecting him, and feels something is I'm worried sick about my Dad...and my cat....
I'm getting ready to bring the new kitten in...but, now I'm not so sure because of Shaquille....come to think of it...Toby's acting weird also...he hasn't eaten anything in days...once again I figured it was the heat...but now I think maybe he's reacting to the cat...he was going up to him and kissing him earlier..I'll be taking care of a lousy feeling Dad...and cat...and dog today...I do have an appt. tomorrow morning for Toby to be groomed...less hair will help him to feel better.. I know that I am probably too emotional...but I can't stand to see my Dad feeling lousy...or my animals...I just worry..

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hot Days

Here is one of the picture frames for a swap. I'm working on the second one today. It is still so very hot...and it is muggy. I could smell smoke in the air this morning from a fire somewhere...with this heat, the dry conditions...and dry lightening is a "red flag warning" day for fires.
I'm cleaning the studio today...little by little.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Kitten Update

Here is the latest photo of little "Maggie May"....She is growing fast! She will join my household sometime this week.....

Kitty Love

Ty and her new kitty....She is thinking about calling him Pumpkin. I am keeping "Maggie May"...and Tami is keeping the Mama cat...and the little black kitten...who she named "Blackie Blue".....So....all the kittens and even Mama are taken care of now.....YIPPEE!!!!!!

Dad on his 90th birthday. Opening his new CD player....

Cake and HOT Weather....

We had Dad's 90th birthday party on Saturday...a great time was had by all! It was really hot out, but we set up a gazebo for more shade...barbequed steaks...along with corn on the cob...ceaser salad...fruit plate...rolls, and then cake and ice-cream...lots of ice-chests with cool drinks.... the pool was inviting for anyone who wanted to really cool off.
Dad pooped out around 4pm...but he had a really long tiresome day...he got a new cd player with lots of his favorite music...along with money for his trip to the coast that is coming at the end of the week.....
We are in the middle of a heat-wave...temps. have been over a hundred for a week...up in Redding which is not too very far from here they broke a record at 117....that is just way too hot! I try to get things done early in the morning...or late at night....during the day all I do is walk around like a zombie....get in the off....get one little thing...then it's time to get back in again! The poor little animals ...all they do is try to find a cool spot...and sleep. I keep a spray bottle with me at all times!
Nobody has any energy...or an appetite...including me! I feel like life going in slow-motion! They say that at the end of the week it's supposed to be in the 90's....and believe it or not that will make a big difference....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today is my Dear Dad's Birthday!!! He is 90 years old. There will be plenty of party photos later...
This seashell is one of my favorite things...I've had it for a very long time...I actually found this on a beach in Thailand... last thing before I start getting ready for the birthday bash is HOTTER than (you know what) here today....I'm thinking we should have the party in the pool!!!! Whatya think????

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Praying for some relief from this HEAT!!!!!

Poem for Thursday


Time's a bird, which leaves its footprints
At the corners of your eyes,
Time's a jockey, racing horses,
The sun and moon across the skies.

Time's a thief, stealing your beauty,
Leaving you with tears and sighs,
But you waste time trying to catch him,
Time's a bird and Time just flies.

from The World is Sweet (Bloomsbury Children's Books 2000)
by Valerie Bloom

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

1st Day of Summer...By the Sea

Here is my art deck challenge card for this week...It's 10 of Hearts, and the theme is beach/ocean. I had fun with this one...used homemade paper and tissue for background. cloth...and the seaweed is made from ribbon. I wish I was at the beach right now...It is HOT!

Just taking a break from working outside...came across this photo...

It's gonna be another HOT one!!!! I'm going to try to get some art done before the heat arrives! I mowed the lawns last night when it was abit they need watered....I've been playing with the kittens....I think baby animals (of any kind) are so precious....I've always fanticized about all the animals in the world being tame...and we could walk among and with the elephant...the cat...gorillas...bears...etc. We could fall asleep next to the mighty lion and use his mane for a I go daydreaming again...time to get back to reality and go water the lawn.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ATC for a friend...Holy Hotter than!!!!!!! It is HOT outside! I do things in spurts! I'm getting ready to mow the side lawn but I'm going to wait just a few minutes longer until the temperature drops some...after mowing the lawn I'll go jump in the pool! Everything is poopy...people..and animals...I feel so sorry for the little critters with fur all over wonder they call them "dog days"...
I did manage to get a few atc's done today.....Ty was here earlier...she watched a movie (Spy Kids 2)...I looked up at the movie every now and then to see what was going on...looked like a cute movie....I watered the lawn...and had to water the flowers twice..they just melt in this heat. Tomorrow is the 1st day of Summer...and it's coming in with a heat wave...they say temps. are supposed to be 107 on Friday!!! This big old house doesn't have air conditioning. I have lots of fans going all the time....I'm really not complaining...I'd rather be HOT than COLD.

"Maggie May"

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another old photo of my Mom...This was on her First Holy Communion. I love these pictures so much...I love my Mom's dress in this photo....I'm guessing this was about 1924.
I have lots of errands to run today...It's supposed to be HOT all the 90's and 100' I'm trying to get an early start before the HEAT arrives...(it's not happening)...I held the baby Calico kitten this morning for quite awhile...I decided that "if" I keep her (ha-ha) I'll call her "Maggie May" the Rod Stewart song....she just looks like a "Maggie" to me...

Altered Tag Book from a swap....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day to an Old Salt.....

Here is my Dad .....90yrs. old and going strong....He got the new hat today for his trip to the coast with my brother over the 4th of July... and even though it's in the high 90's outside he insisted on wearing a don't argue with anyone who is in their 90's either!
He's an old sailor...and proud of it...served in The Battle of the Java Sea....He's a hard-working man...can build anything...(I'll post a photo of one of his model boats that he built from scratch)...He's a great Dad...soft-spoken...and never has a mean word to say about anything...or anybody...He has tons of patience...(he had to with us 4 kids).....He loves animals...He loved his wife of 67years very much...and he loves his kids....He loves the ocean and boats and anything to do with them...He loves locomotives and airplanes and reading...and Nascar....and football....His favorite thing is when all his kids and grankids get together....I am so proud of him...and so grateful that I still have him in my life...Thank-You Dad for EVERYTHING...Happy Father's Day!

Pop's Wagon

My Dad has always been a craftsman at building something with spare is the little wagon that he made for my plants....He is going to be 90 years old next Saturday...he still likes to "tinker" with things...I think he is amazing!

Happy Father's Day POP!!!!!!!!!

To my WONDERFUL Dad...Happy Happy Father's Day! You are the BEST Dad in the whole wide world...and I love you very very much!
The smaller photo is my Mom and Dad..they were all dressed up for a wedding. The larger photo is taken of me and my Dad in 1958...this photo says it all...look at how I am looking at my Dad...with such adoration....I still ADORE him to this day....and always will!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

2 more magnets....I have more to post..but right now it is way too hot at this computer desk...I'm making potato salad for the barbecue tonight...then I'm heading out to the pool to cool off...

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Rose for Catherine

This is for my friend Catherine....I know she will see this picture faster than I can send her a letter...I am thrilled that she is going to give birth to a little GIRL any day!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!! We were secretly wishing for a little girl! I wish I could be there with and kisses......

I got this photo in the mail yesterday from my cousin....This is my little Italian Mom...taken in 1922 or 1923....She was on her way to school, and had to walk past the cemetery (in the background).I had never seen this picture before, and I love it. I think she looks like a little orphan child.....
I have a busy day today...Ty is here, and we are going to the library...then my sister is taking my Dad to a Rivercats baseball I will help him get ready...his 90th birthday is coming up on the 24th....I still need to clean the studio...and hope I can work on some's supposed to be in the 90's today...the temps. are going back up.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

How to Pit a Cherry (if you don't have a cherry pitter)

I looked everywhere for my cherry usual I couldn't find I decided to look "cherry pits" up on Google.....I found this paragraph that said if you don't have a cherry pitter to use a paper clip....fold it in half (like picture )..use the small end for smaller cherries and the larger end for larger cherries...poke it through the top of the cherry....and WAL-LA...pull out the cherry pit! Guess what???? It works GREAT! Amazing huh??!!!!! I pitted 5 cups of cherries in no time. Don't forget to wear gloves or you will have brown stained hands from the cherry juice....The pie is in the smells wonderful...I'll post a photo of the Cherry Pie later.....mmmmmmmmm!

The Latest on the Kittens

Here are the 3 little sweeties...they are growing fast! The little "tigger" will go to my son and granddaughter...(they put dibs on him)...the little blackie will go to a friend of Tami's who already has a cat that's less than a year they can grow together...and that little "Callie"...well...I need another kitten like I need a hole in the head...but she is so cute and sweet that I can't resist..I am such a sucker! The Mama kitty..Tami is going to keep her...she will be all of them will...and taken care of! That's the latest with the kitties....I picked cherries yesterday...and I'll be making a cherry's still alot cooler here than normal so making a pie sounds good...and I hope to work in the studio today...if nothing else it needs cleaned ! (as usual)...

Cherries and Strawberries

While outside yesterday I noticed the cherries are ready for a pie...and the strawberries are ready for shortcake....yum!

Cherry Pie Time

Okay....most of the cherries are I will make a cherry pie!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Rose and My Singing......

Well....I could not resist this shot!!!! I love to walk outside with the camera, and just start taking photos. One of the reasons I love Summer is because all the roses are in bloom...I love having vases of roses all over the house. It is very peaceful here today...I am fluttering through the house doing little chores here and there...working on some art...watering the flowers...and I plan on reading some of my favorite blogs (there is a ton of them). I'm listening to Carlos Santana on the stereo at the moment.....and singing out loud ...(good thing nobody can hear me)...I can't carry a tune to save my soul! Which reminds me of a funny story. When I was in the 8th grade I wanted to be in the choir so bad. So on the day of try-outs I decideed to just "go for it" turn to sing for the teacher (Mr. Pratt) finally came...Well......Mr. Pratt (Bless his soul) felt so sorry for me...he knew I wanted to be in his choir so bad...he knew I wanted to be with my friends...and he also knew that I couldn't sing worth a plug nickel...but because he was a kind soul he told me that I COULD be in the choir....just to "lip-sync" the words to the songs!!!! This is really a TRUE story....and shows you how really bad I do sing...but when the house is quiet...and nobody is around I sing my heart out...and LOVE every single minute of it!

The Beautiful Yosemite

Ty, Tony and Dawn went to Yosemite last weekend...They came back with some nice are just a few. For those of you who have never been to is really one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This year is especially awesome because of all the rain and snow we had last Winter...all the waterfalls in the park are in their full's really something to see. So...if you ever get the chance to all means do won't be sorry. It's a photographer's dream come true!

My son... Tony, and my grandaughter...Ty at Yosemite. I love these 2 people soooooo much!

Hiking to Vernal Falls at Yosemite...Notice the stone steps...what you are hiking you are getting really wet from the mist of the waterfall. The other photo is looking over the falls from the top.
Ty at Mirror Lake in Yosemite....

Ty at Yosemite...Bridal Veil Falls in the background. The river in foreground is the Merced River.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This is the "Baby in the Pocket" card...I just love this image of the baby and my sewing machine was all ready to go...
I just got home from going to Sacramento for the went pretty smooth....what a relief to be done with that! (at least for another year)....It was actually a good day to drive to Sacramento since the temps. are only in the 70's...nice driving weather. I just finished making a big pot of spaghetti sauce..used some fresh basil from the garden...we'll have this tonight with some garlic bread....
Now it's off to the studio to make some atc's for a swap, and work on some cd's....

With the baby outside the pocket.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I used the image of the little girl on the frog to make a postcard...the frog is actually a little ceramic frog that is sitting on my patio...I took a photo of it....then added the image of the little girl with wings.
It almost feels like Fall today instead of Summer...very strange. The thermometer read 49 this morning. I'm going to try to get some art done today....and prepare myself for tomorrow. I have to go to Roseville for an MRI....I'll be glad when it's over...I had a bad experience in one of those machines, and now I'm freaked out by them. At the store this morning I actually found "Kitten Milk" in a small carton...I never heard of such a thing...all I could picture in my mind was someone trying to milk a cat like you do a cow....

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What a beautiful day here in Northern California...the temps. are perfect! I decided to take it easy today...after spending most of the day yesterday cleaning! The kitties are back...cute as ever. I'm going to clip around the roses today...and bake a cake...I also finished this little magnet. I have some cd's to alter and must do the latest card in the art deck challenge.....I also washed some bedding and comforters...and I'm getting ready to go hang them on the line...I just love hanging clothes out on a clothesline...something about it....I also love the smell of clothes and bedding after they have dried outside in the sun....nothing beats that fresh smell....
It's really quiet here these last 3 days...Tony, Dawn, and Ty went to Yosemite...I'm babysitting "Bella"....
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