Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Busy.....Busy,,,trying to get caught up on some swaps that need to be mailed....working on some packages that need to go....putting up the Christmas village...thinking about what gifts to buy....etc. It is cloudy today...and another big storm is on the way...hope everyone is staying "sane"....and laughing more than usual.....I've been reading "The Historian"...and enjoying it so is going slow ....I manage to get a chapter or two in before bed....Yesterday I got a WONDERFUL surprise in the mail from my friend who lives in North Carolina..."Shell-Belle"...she sent me number 6 in "The Outlander " series by Diana Gabaldon..GREAT BOOKS!!!! I can't wait to sink my teeth in that one!! I think that today at some point...we will finally be done with the left-overs from Thanksgiving!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

I get such a kick out of posting these old photos!!! My friends and family enjoy here goes..this is "Yours Truly"...
(many many moons ago).

Monday...Monday...I'm starting to PANIC!!!!! I have NO CLUE what anybody wants for Christmas...have not done one thing!!! and the crowds are terrible already! I started to put up some of the Christmas stuck on needing another extension that project is on hold for the time being! I have been working on some projects in the art room...doing a collage on a candle (will post when finished) and working on some Christmas ornaments for a "secret sister swap" is starting to rain...supposed to rain all week..I don't mind the fact...I love to bundle up and go for walks in the rain with my dog...Here is another altered postcard I did for a swap! I have been meeting lots of wonderful and VERY talented women from this blog...and I would love to join the mixed media artist group that Chrisy said something about...I see Marina is in this group...I just love her work! In fact...I think all these women are so talented! I better get going on doing something!!! today is one of those days that I could stay in my "Jammies all day"...and work on art...and read...and be warm and cozy in front of the fire...with some chocolate chip cookies (I made last night) and some good left-overs from turkey day...sounds good anyway!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

This is a necklace I made for my friend Catherine in The Netherlands. It is actually a small photo album that opens for your very own pictures.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Which have you been????? Naughty?? or Nice????
Happy Birthday to my Brother!!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday Bro!!! You are a WONDERFUL Brother! and I LOVE You!!!! Your sis....

The view from the back porch on Thanksgiving was rainy and foggy all day!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Cecilia came over tonight and she taught me alot about is so cool to finally learn something about this awesome program....this is one of the photos we Mom...Me....Tony and Ty.
It has been raining all day...Yippee!!!

Sooooo much food!!!! Yes..we had a good day...made way too much food..and ATE too much food! I have left-overs for a week! (which is a good thing)! The day was perfect the 70' the temps. are down and it is raining and foggy! Now...on to Christmas!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This swap is..."My Favorite Things".....Flowers...Art...and Books. This card is done with alcohol inks which are fun to work with....and some embossing.

I am THANKFUL for music....

It's the day before Thanksgiving...a good day to dwell on all the things that I am thank-FULL for...I will name just a few of them here...
I am thankful for my family...I love them very much!!!...I am thankful for the love of my life..Andrew Bryan.
I am thankful for my friends...they encourage me...and give me love and inspiration...
I am thankful for my animals..who give me tons of that unconditional love.....
I am thankful for my home...the warmth and coziness it provides me...the food on our table...which is abundant.
I am thankful for my many things.
I am thankful for my HEALTH...each and every day!
Of course...I could go on and on....I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving...and is grateful for all the abundance that life has to offer..... I finished a swap yesterday... 2 cards on "What I'm Thankful For"...the one here is "Sisters"...and YES...I am most grateful for my sisters!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Getting ready to watch "Medium" last night....the 3-D glasses are from the TV guide. Busy...busy...week! The temps. are so warm! it doesn't seem like November! I'm getting ready for the holiday...and working on some swaps.....hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving week!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some photos from the group meeting in Keyes California on Saturday the 19th...the one on the left is Annie...Vicci (me) and Jane who was visiting from New York. We made "optical Illusion" necklaces....and had so much fun! My friend Linda and I went down to Modesto yesterday for this meeting and class...Aileen Roberts taught the class. All of us had a really good time! I was soooo pooped when we finally did get home..Linda and I stopped in Galt and had Chinese food....General's Chicken...Kung Pao shrimp and beef..fried rice and hot tea..yum! In the group photo pictured from left to right is....Linda...Penn'e...Penny...Lotus...Jane...Deborah...Annie..
Vicci and Charlotte

Friday, November 18, 2005

Some of my books in the art room...I never have enough shelves!!! It is another warm glorious day here in Placerville....I can't believe that it is almost Thanksgiving and I have the kitchen door open.....hope everyone has a good weekend....I'll be going to my class tomorrow in Keyes CA. (near Modesto)...we are making "optical lens necklaces". (I have to remember to take the camera)!!!!! is me!! One of my school pics and
my first

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This one was taken in 1957....Mom and Dad..(my Dad is holding baby Tina) and my brother..I love our outfits!!! (Especially my brother's hat).

Another oldie...this is my Grand-pa Earl and the horse is "MIDNIGHT" brother and I were visiting my Grand-parents out here in California for the first time..and this is the first time we were ever on a big poor brother looks terrified! I look like I'm holding on for dear life!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I got this postcard from Gordon!!! I think this is a GOOD thought for the day! Speaking of DAYS.....yesterday was a busy one! As I was about to leave for the store my son called and asked for a ride to the gas station..(he ran out of gas in front of his house). I did that..then decided to go into town to browse around, and got stuck ! They were filming a movie!!! and the Main St. was full of people..stage's...long tables full of food....and lots of people on the sidelines waiting to be extras...and watching the action! It just so happens, that the store I was headed for was smack right dab in the middle of all this. I did manage to get inside the door, and look around. As I was leaving..I ran right in to LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS!!! One of the main actors in the movie! I said "Hi"!!!! and he said "Hi"!!!!......(I've always liked that guy)....
Now...this is how things go...ever since I got the new camera I have been taking it everywhere with me...and wouldn't you know...I DID NOT take it with me yesterday!!! SOOOOO..I DID NOT get any pictures of LOU or anything else!!! DARN!!!!!!! I did manage to get some art done...finished the altered postcards for a swap....and going to finish another project today..Oh!!!! TODAY is simply GORGEOUS outside!!! In the 70's...(10 degrees above normal).

Here are the postcards for the "Where in the World" swap. This was fun! I like this "California Real Estate" one....isn't it the truth??!!!!! You have to be RICH to buy a home in California these days....CRAZY!

Another altered postcard for the "Where In the World" swap.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And..before I is another, my Dad, and baby brother Larry. my brother...please don't get mad at me for posting all these old pics!!! They really are fun!!! and you were so cute!!! (still are)!!!!! LOVE YA....Me

More Flowers!!!!!!!!
red geraniums!!!!

This is the felted purse that my friend Catherine made for me....she is so talented !

Yes!!!! I still have flowers in the garden..some are starting to bloom again! The weather has been extremely warm for this time of year...temps. in the 70's. I am running errands today...groceries...and a few last minute items I need to finish up the gift bags. I finally finished cleaning the LR yesterday!!! Yippee!!! The LR is so huge...and I had lots of dust and cobwebs!
I found out yesterday that the bookbinding class down in Turlock this Saturday has been changed to Penny's house in Keyes CA. We are going to do "optical Lens necklaces".....anything is really okay with will just be so nice to get away for a day!!! AND to finally meet some of the girls I have been swapping with for the last year....AND take pictures!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Who can resist a Fudge Factory???? NOT ME!!!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Martini glasses collaged..painted...and pretty trim added...these make really cute little candy dishes..I like to group them in sets of threes and set them around....found this great idea in Anna Corba's book Vintage Paper.
Working on things for the upcoming class this cleaning...and working on getting caught up with my swaps...

Persimmon Tree....Have you ever had persimmon cookies??? They are wonderful!

This is the little pond right up the road from where we live...a beautiful Sunday morning.

Went for a drive early this morning to take some photos. Here is the scene at High Hill ranch. Just me and the was so serene and pretty...a perfect Fall day.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

altered card for Grace.....

Friday, November 11, 2005

Yesterday was a wonderful mail day!!!! I love getting mail!!! I got circus cards...Christmas in a tin....and a fabulous card with atc's all in a decorated envelope from Grace in Florida. It made my day alot brighter since I woke up yesterday with a rotten headache that would not go away.... I also managed last night (with the help of my brother and Tami) to get the furniture moved around in the LR the way I wanted all I have left is the dusting..then I am ready to decorate for the holidays! (after Thanksgiving)....I am still busy working on the gifts...and then must get busy with some swaps that I signed up for. Today Andy is home because of the holiday (veterens day)...and I'm going to try to talk him into going for a drive to take more pictures....perhaps up to High Hill Ranch..and maybe get a caramel apple while we are there!! It is a beautiful Fall day..the sun is shining bright and all the colors are looks like a warm day also!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Altered pages for Geri's Dragon book..and tag.

altered pages for Geri's Dragon book
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