Friday, November 11, 2005

Yesterday was a wonderful mail day!!!! I love getting mail!!! I got circus cards...Christmas in a tin....and a fabulous card with atc's all in a decorated envelope from Grace in Florida. It made my day alot brighter since I woke up yesterday with a rotten headache that would not go away.... I also managed last night (with the help of my brother and Tami) to get the furniture moved around in the LR the way I wanted all I have left is the dusting..then I am ready to decorate for the holidays! (after Thanksgiving)....I am still busy working on the gifts...and then must get busy with some swaps that I signed up for. Today Andy is home because of the holiday (veterens day)...and I'm going to try to talk him into going for a drive to take more pictures....perhaps up to High Hill Ranch..and maybe get a caramel apple while we are there!! It is a beautiful Fall day..the sun is shining bright and all the colors are looks like a warm day also!


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