Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Things/Rainy Friday

cloudy days and sunny thoughts
working better in dull weather
small packages wrapped with foil papers, bits of calico, embroidered ribbons, lace, and tiny flowers
red velvet
rumpusing around on rainy days
having lots of candles burning
log cabins
stealing a few minutes to watch the clouds drift by your window and the leaves wafting in the breeze
soft music
taking the cat along to a drive-in movie
torrential downpours
antique pop-up books
meeting someone at the airport
piggy banks
thinking of the day, of your home, of your family, of things past, of things to come
the silence of close friendship
one perfect rose
buying yourself a toy
the sound of the wind
It's another rainy day....I love rainy days...I just love the rain! I love the sound of rain on the roof (especially for sleeping)...I love to be all warm and cozy and busy working on a project while listening to the rain...I love the wind howling and the rain whipping...I love that the flowers get a drink from the rain...I love how everything turns green....I love to walk in the rain with the animals and how their fur gets all wet...I love to bake something when it rains...sitting on the back porch and listening to the rain is one of my favorite things...I love when my long hair gets wet in the rain and then dries all "frizzed out" am going to enjoy today's rain..take the animals for a on some projects and get them ready to mail on some of my favorite blogs...maybe even bake some cupcakes..and watch a movie that I've been wanting to see...from the Director of "Amelie" a film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet called "A Very Long Engagement" it takes place in Paris in the 1920's....
The little piece above is a surprise for a friend......and today is my friend Sheila's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Girl!!!!!! Hope everyone has a "BETTER THAN EVER" Friday.....

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Blogger Janet said...

Fun list today. I can't imagine taking one of my cats to the drive-in movie though! They would drive me nuts!! I can really enjoy buying myself toys (art supplies!)

I love the rain, too but we don't have any yet. Could you send some down my way?

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vicci, you'll LOVE "A Very Long Engagement." It's an incredible movie!

I love rainy days, too. Even better if there is thunder and lightning accompanying the rain. :-) When I was little, having a brief shower or a storm was one of the ways we got relief from the heat ~ before the days of air conditioning, of course! I remember that whenever we'd have a good rain, my grandmother and I would sit out on the porch in the porch swing and feel the cool breeze and listen to the rain pounding the roof of the porch. I can still remember that wonderful smell of the rainwater hitting the dry dusty sand around us.

Thanks for bringing back a lovely memory for me. I hope you have an incredible day!

P.S. As always, a great list of happy Friday things!

1:19 PM  
Blogger LisaOceandreamer said...

That movie is FABULOUS - I saw it a while back and LOVED it - I actually want to see it again!
Great list as always. It's raining here too and although my plan was to get busy on deadline items I am SO tired I can't see straight, must stop going to bed at 1:30 in the morning eh? At least it's a good day for hunkering down with G.
Hope you've had a splendid day sweet friend!!

oh and your art piece - I think I know who it's for - at least it reminds me of that person.


5:56 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Love those friday lists. I love Rainy days too,,espeically when I don't have to drive in them,,lol. Rain is headed here tomorrow and tuesday, hope that means spring is headed this way too.
Take care Girlie!

7:43 AM  
Blogger Angela Marie said...

I missed you on Friday!! I am playing catch up... I love rainy days also.

Taking the cat along to a drive-in movie??? hmmm.... (smiling) I will think about that.

I am happy that you enjoyed your rainy day!!

hugs and kisses

2:10 PM  

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