Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Things Friday

the sounds of geese high overhead
when the lakes are high
mail that is not all bills
onion-skin paper
writing your spouse a love letter
tulips bursting into bloom in a kaleidoscope of color
knowing you are absolutely unique
remembering when bubble gum cost a penny, comic books 10 cents, hot dogs a quarter, and water was free
an odd couple
sapphire mountains set into emerald valleys
just happening upon a parking spot in the right place
roses and lace
"hanging out" and remembering why you like each other
brimming glasses of ice-cold milk
the smell of hot coffee
old silent movies
cobalt-blue bottles
feeling really good, alive, aware; filled with a tingly sense of well-being
Friday's child is loving and giving
loving forever
and...the photo above of a pine tree circle.......
I can hardly believe that Friday is here already! I started to clean some shelves in the studio last thing led to another..and I'm still out bags of paper....going thru old never seems to end. I'm going to venture off of this mountain today and go to the library and the post office.....I'm taking the camera with me...I decided to do a little project....I'm going to take one photo everyday of something in my life....and at the end of a year...I will have a year of my life in photos. I will keep track of the photos in a journal. Maybe...when the year is over...I'll make a quilt of all the photos.
Hope everyone has a good Friday....filled with lots of laughter.


Blogger Beth said...

I was going to try the same thing with the photos,,but seemed to have stalled on it. Work gets in my way. I think I will do it this summer. I am still working on my garden scrapbook, sometimes.

5:50 PM  
Blogger skinnylittleblonde said...

What a good idea with the photos! I hope you go for it & maybe somewhere in there we'll get to see Vicci's Sandcastle! peace & love to you this week-end!

8:44 AM  
Blogger Angela Marie said...

Did this week go by fast or what? I felt it too!

I can remember riding my bike with my sister to the local Gas~n~Nicks store, bringing a dollar with me, and coming home with a paper bag full of candy! Tootsie Rolls, Chico Sticks and Bubble Gum were one cent!

Yes! Water was free... and safer to drink! Ahhhh.. those were the days!

Loved your list! Loved it!

12:38 PM  

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