Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I have been quiet! but ....I'm still here. The last few days have been so beautiful outside and I'm itching to work in the garden and plant new flowers...there is still lots of raking...weeding...burning to do...but if I do some everyday then all is well....I've been working on projects in the is a little collage I did on a formica tile called "waiting for spring".....I have also created some charms using beads that I made using tyvek paper...also (thinking) about what final embellishment to put on Marilyn's RR far I've been stumped on this one....BUT..if I stare at it long enough something will come to me...or it will come to me in my dreams....which happens alot!
I have also been working on the charm necklace...I made lots of "S" links...and now I must arrange the charms on them...and play around with it to see what I like best...I made a yummy carrot cake yesterday.....I'm gonna go cut 2 pieces right now...1 for my Dad....and 1 for me!



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