Tuesday, August 30, 2005

3 little mini's....I am working in the art room today...taking little breaks. I mowed the side lawn and turned on the sprinklers...(that was one break)! This is another break...scanning some things on the computer and reading e-mails. I called An at lunch time to see if he wanted to go to Jack-in- the- Box for dinner...(since I have some FREE meal cards from my friend Shelly who manages a J in the Box in North Carolina)..plus I don't feel like cooking today...he said SURE! So...it's a date! I have cooked sooo much in my life that at times I really get sick of it! Today happens to be one of those "sick days"!!!! Oooooh...I forgot! I did go to the thrift store yesterday and found lots more goodies..some cool yarns for fibers...some playing cards with polka dots on the back....some old address books with vintage pictures in them...all for under 5.00...I love when that happens! Hope everyone is having a yummy Tuesday!


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