Thursday, August 25, 2005

altered photo of the poodle..."Toby"
This is a great way to use all those photos that are not the best quality and have yucky stuff in them...but yet they are too good to throw away...for example this photo of Toby had a back of a chair on the right side and the kitchen cabinet on the left side...all I cared about was the image of Toby...I put the photo in lukewarm water and then sanded (very gently) away what images in the photo that I didn't want. Put the photo back in the water to get all the residue from the emulsion removed and blot gently. I then took my H2O watercolors and added the colors I wanted...I also used water soluble markers and drew the tree on the left side. I used one of my rubber stamps and stamped the rose image and stamped friends forever...Ta Da...that's it! Pretty cool! You can add pieces of paper if you want...just can also seal your photo with a spray or varnish...which I will finish mine off with. Have fun!


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