Thursday, August 18, 2005

Vintage atc...this one goes to Joan in Italy.
I am having a hard time working on anything because I hurt my arm! I was sitting in a swivel chair and swiveled around too fast and smashed my arm into the corner of a book shelf. It hurt like hell..but, I thought it would be okay...(not real bright)..anyway it is getting worse and now a week later I can hardly move my arm..and cannot pick anything up! It's a bummer because it is my right arm! I am going very slow..and have some swaps to finish! I bought some fabric sheets that are for putting through my HP printer...and I cannot get them to go through!!!! I've been messing around and trying all different things...geez! always something! I just might take a break from the art work today and go float in the pool and daydream....while sipping a fresh lemonade...sounds good to me! Sometimes a break is in order to get a better perspective on things.....(sounds good anyway)!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

That is odd about you hurting your arm on the 18th. I was walking down the street (I walk 3-4 miles 3 times a week - before I go to work, while it is still cool) and was looking at a house and my arm took on one of those "huge" pick-ups rear view mirror. It too hurt like the devil. Now I have a big bruise there. But it is wierd we both did the same kinda think at the same time. Love ya Cuz!

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