Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This is me!!!! I have been going through one of my Aunt's photo albums and found this picture. I had never seen this one before! Checkout the look on my face! I still make this same face every now and then! I am 6 years old here...soon to be 7...oh! if only we could go back to the times when we were small..and know what we know today!
August is flying by...the Cheyenne call the August moon "The Moon When All Things Ripen". Speaking of "Ripen"...we are picking lots of peppers and tomatoes from our plants..yummy! Nothing like fresh veggies from the garden! AND!!!!! some of the best news..it actually rained last night! The smell of that first rain was so wonderful..I sat outside at my little bistro table and took in great gulps of fresh "rain air". The sun is back again today...but it is a little cooler...so it will be pleasant. I'm off to run some errands..and then have great plans to get (seriously) started on a journal project with the theme "By the Sea"....ummmmm? I got a great deal yesterday from my friend who owns the local stamp store in town on a set of 52 ink pads that come in a little caddy....I can't wait to try them out! Thank-You Linda!!!! I also got a special invite from my talented cousin Merry...I will be taking her up on that! Happy Tuesday to everyone....PS...Ty started the third grade yesterday! (1st day back to school)! It seems so early to me to be starting school..when we were kids we didn't start until after Labor Day! Oh well..things do change! AND...my friend Catherine is back home from her trip to France!!! YES!!! someone to talk to about ART!!!!


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