Monday, August 22, 2005

atc's closed and opened....
What a weekend! Friday night our poodle Toby was not feeling well...he wasn't eating or drinking..and he was just being very very quiet...which is not like him. He loves to run and play. The next day...Saturday he still was not eating or drinking or playing..and I was getting very worried. Early Sunday morning...still not any better so we took him to the Vet emergency clinic. To make a long story short...after many tears (from me) of turns out he has a bad back! We had a x-ray taken...and blood work and everything else was he must take it very easy and get plenty of rest....after hearing what the bill was we both got very depressed...and that put a damper on the rest of the weekend...( I won't mention the amount of the bill).
Today being Monday...Toby is feeling a little tiny bit better...and I'm looking forward to a good week....I hope! I have the Sea journal to work on...and I'm still going through lots of pictures and cleaning some things around the is to a GOOD week!!!!!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Vicci: I'm off work with a bad back, so I am in total commiseration with your baby. It is so hard with pets, because they don't understand in ways. I was very glad to hear you didn't have to have him put to sleep though. The bill will dissolve and be past history, but your love of your baby is forever. My thoughts, with much love,

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