Thursday, August 25, 2005

This cartoon is too funny!!! The week is once again flying by...wish we could put "time" in storage and get it out when we need it!!! My little Toby seems to be feeling better today...I finally got him to eat something yesterday..of all things...he ate a deviled egg that I made...go figure! I tried something new yesterday..."altering a photo"...I'm pleased with the result and will post it later...I read about it in the first issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I HOPE to get going on that journal today...I keep telling myself the same thing everyday...I'll probably wait until the last's the "working under pressure" thing! The house seems back to normal now...everyone got home from their trip to the was sooo quiet for a few days that it actually seemed eerie! I picked more tomatoes and green peppers from the little garden this morning...and yesterday picked a nice yellow squash..(my favorite)....remember this is the month for meteor go see stars!!!!!


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