Sunday, August 28, 2005

This is "Rock Creek Summer"....
This is where I hung out in the Summer...My best friend Cecilia...her parents owned this property right on the river...the rocks are where we "perfected" our tans.....
I have so many wonderful memories of this place...there was a gate going into the property so it was nice and private..we could take our tops off...go skinny dipping...paradise!
Cecilia called me the other day and wanted to take a drive out here....I couldn't go...but, I'm gonna take her up on the drive some day this week! It's time to take some more pictures of this place anyway!


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Hummmmm?? I lived up there 18 years, but I sure don't recognize this swimmen hole. Thought in all those years I'd been to all the best, but this one looks great.

Hope Toby is doing way better, and yes we can meet half way. Maybe El Dorado Hills?

Love ya cuz you b my Cuz!

6:27 PM  

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