Monday, July 16, 2007

My Area of Paradise

This is right up the road from where I of my favorite areas.....I drive by this scene all the time and NEVER tire of it......I drove up to where Andy works on Friday so we could have lunch together...(the start of my busy weekend).......the weather has been absolutely perfect...normally at this time of year we have 22 days that are 100 degrees or far...this year we've had only 5.....believe me...I don't think anyone is complaining! Doesn't the boat in the photo above just scream for a slow ride on the pond...with your hand dipping into the water!!!??????


Blogger Angela Marie said...

Oh Vicci!! Yes that is a picture that screams for someone to get in the boat and take a slow ride, while your loved one rows, hand is in the water!

That is beautiful! enough to frame!

8:12 AM  

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