Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Glorious Rainy Summer Day

Woke up this morning to dark skies...rain falling...and cooler temps. It was simply felt so good to have a "freakish" summer rain and such cool temps for July...sleeping was absolutely perfect.....I loved it! Ty was here with me today....I made pork tacos for dinner...wrapped a pork roast up in foil,with butter and spices...let it cook slow all day in the Weber.....I started to clean the studio..but still didn't do any art.....I'm engrossed in the book I'm reading.....I absolutely LOVE to READ........If I had to add up all the hours I have spend reading it would probably take up a good part of my LIFE.......One of my "favorite" things is to have a pile of books stacked up just waiting for me to READ ....
Yesterday was nice...I drove down to Cameron Park and met my cousin, Maryellen....I think we needed a "have to talk to you in goodies morning"....that's exactly what we did! As usual Maryellen always has a box of goodies for me from her weekend yard sale jaunts......and...before another visit I always manage to pick up a cat or two for her kitty collection....we went and browsed the local thrift shop in Cameron Park....and topped it off with a jamoca almond fudge ice cream cone (for her)...and a cappucino blast (for me)....
Thanks Maryellen....................................for all of it ! :-) I'm still unpacking the box and putting things away.....It's going to be another pleasant cooler evening...the fan is blowing cool air... the lace curtains are billowing at the bedroom windows...gonna make for some fine dreaming tonight in slumber land.........I heard on the news tonight temps. in Placerville for tomorrow are supposed to be 87 degrees...Is that not perfect for a Summer day..or what !??????


Blogger Angela Marie said...

It has been so nice! This is perfect weather! When it gets hot like upper 90/100, I just feel like the wicked witch melting. It makes me grumpy. I like to go outside and enjoy outside. When it is hot, way to hot to go outside, I just don't like it. I feel like I am just crawling into an oven. That is not enjoyable to me. Whew! Now that I have let some hot air out! LOL!

You even sleep better and are well rested! I can just picture your lace curtains blowing in the breeze. Mmmm... sweet dreams~

11:56 PM  
Blogger giggles said...

I'm jealous, we have such humid heat here in South western B.C. I just want a cool night to sleep well. I am not a heat worshipper. More of a snow person. Sounds like you and Maryellen had a blast, she is such a nice person. That pork Taco sounds like a grand idea too!
Good way to avoid turning on an oven!

Hugs Sherrie

1:25 AM  
Blogger singleton said...

perfect reading weather! What title has you hooked this rainy day?

3:30 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Isn't it heavenly to have that nice cool,wet, rain, after having scorching,dry days? We were alot cooler here yesterday after our rains on Tuesday. And ditto on the reading, daughter and I stocked up on good books at the thrift stores yesterday. Hope your weather stays cool for the next several days!

6:24 AM  
Anonymous skinnylittleblonde said...

Love top hear that the weather has been good, of recent, to you! Yesterday we finally had one of those days here, as well. Loved it! Slept with the windows wide open & the roll of the train, echoed by the thunder, singing me to sleep.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Janet said...

I'm so jealous!! We haven't had a drop of rain in almost a year! It did cool off a bit though. Your description of the lace curtains billowing in the breeze just seems so perfect. I love that kind of weather.

Where would I be without books! I also love to have a stack by the bed. And your outing with Maryellen sounds like so much fun. Our thrift stores down here are the pits! Not many goodies.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

You would be fun to hang with..thrift stores, photo shoots, etc...sandy

1:34 PM  

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