Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Things On A Spring Day

I walk around this big old house and I'm in awe of all God's beauty...these Spring days are so beautiful here in the foothills...THANK-YOU GOD !!!!!!!!!!
the excitement of a storm and the sudden transformation of the landscape
the memory of a spring afternoon
dreamy music
the smell of peat moss
dogs nose-deep in wrapping paper
leisurely bubble baths
quilt blocks
dripping wax
flannel trousers
accidental meetings
good news for a change
the easter bunny hopping down the bunny trail
church bells
buying a dimestore jar of liquid for blowing bubbles
an authentic, artistic, and aesthetic life
a baby plant
sweet peas in soft bunches of muted colors
the pick of the litter
easter bonnets
smile makers
calla lillies
brightening up one's spirits
sunday rides in the country
mime artists
balance of nature
gentle, rocking motion
shoe buttons
old farm table in the kitchen
a retreat from the outside world
curled trees
fluffy pillows
walking between the raindrops
shy beginnings
Well...I could go on and on just listing wonderful happy things...but I must run some Easter errands...and hobble to the grocery store...I say "hobble"....I got off balance last night...and tripped "up the steps"...not down...but "up"....and down I went..the plate I was holding went flying...and I'm on the floor calling for the DOG!!!! Everyone else was in bed....and I guess I thought that the dog would be the only one to come!!! (he didn't).....I went down on both knees and my am limping around and sore everywhere today...I hope MOVING around helps! I hope all of my blogging buddies have a MOST WONDROUS and BLESSED EASTER!!!!!!!and I HOPE you all have warm Spring days...and that the Easter Bunny brings you all at least 1 BIG CHOCOLATE BUNNY!!!!!!
PS...Look at that Bee diving in for the sweet necter above...and the lavendar is just so "purple"!!!!!!



Blogger Sheila said...

Vicci I'm sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you aren't too bruised and will soon feel better.Your photos are lovely, and I too love peonies. I have two large plants in my yard thet bloom in May/June, we are so far behind you with the season.
Your Friday list is beautiful, and I re read it a couple of times to better absorb the words there.
Life's joy is to be found in the simple things, and so often we forget that. Bless you..

3:15 PM  
Blogger CattyCat said...

Vicci, you are not supposed to be falling down. Not allowed. Against the rules. I do hope you get over it really fast and you are just shook up, not hurt. Falling up is better than falling down though. Big hugs Vicci. Big big big hugs.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Bless your heart!!! I hope your ok. And guess what I fell up the steps last year, landed right on my big nose and got 2 black eyes from it,lol. Now that was embarrising. Lucky I didn't break the snozzle though,,just hurt like heck for a week,,lol.
Feel better Girlie!!!

7:28 PM  

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