Monday, April 30, 2007

Get Ready for This!

This is gonna be an weekend....anyone that is planning to attend...get in touch with can stay at my house! The world's largest collection of atcs (art trading cards) is something to see in lots of great

Good Monday Morning to you! We had the most picture-perfect weekend in the 80's....bright-blue sunny days...Andy and I worked! Saturday was a dispose of your 'junk' for free day for the entire tackled the years and years of 'junk' that was piled up in front of the garage area...the garage area is sits away from the house and has lots of open space around it. It was piled high with old car seats...old pipe...cans...bikes....lawn mowers....microwaves....air conditioners.....jars...bottles.....old screens and window get the picture. We ended up taking three huge pick-up truckloads out to the dump site...which consisted of gigantic dumpsters parked behind the county library... they even had some volunteers and county work crew guys out there helping with the unloading of your started at 9am and lasted until 3pm....we were number 3 in line at 9am... we finally finished at 1:30 in the afternoon...THEN....yesterday we raked all the leaves and misc. debris up and burned looks like a new place now.... I'm thrilled to pieces that it's done! This might not sound like a very exciting weekend...but I love getting things DONE around the house....this was a HUGE job...and I'm just so happy it's finished.

I plan on finishing cleaning the studio today...then maybe I can get some ART done...I know it's a strange quirk I have...but I can't stand doing anything unless the house is cleaned and at least 'picked up'...its like I can't really relax unless 'things' are 'right' mom was like this... so are my sisters....anyone else??????



Blogger LisaOceandreamer said...

Vicci that retreat sounds amazing and look, it's right in your own backyard. The site doesn't indicate when the workshops are/what days will have what...times or fees etc. I will look for more info - even for a day, depending on the workshop(s) would be fun!

You and Andy sure did a LOT of work this past weekend but I know it felt good to get all of that out. When G gets back we are going to do a major Spring clean...meaning moving furniture out of each room at a time and cleaning every nook and cranny...and windows too. THAT will probably help the art mojo when things are finally in major order.

Love and hugs,

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog and wish I could attend the retreat!!! It would be so cool to stay at your place too... ; ) I'm pretty much like you too, in that I have to have everything in place and (at least) orderly before I can work on my "real art". Otherwise, I do a lot of shutting out my surroundings and working in my journal.
Miss ya!

10:31 AM  
Blogger Angela Marie said...

Whew! Girl! Where do you find the energy?!

I do know what you mean though. It does feel really good to get things done! Especially if it has been on your mind for quite some time.

I am going have to look in to that fun-packed weekend! It does look fun!

10:12 PM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Oh my goodness...we have the same mother...I work it the same way.

10:35 PM  
Blogger giggles said...

We used to have a once a year spring clean up. Women artists would scrounge around in vans late at night for goodies to alter. Then people abused it, started coming from other communities to drop their garbage off. I guess it got too expensive to haul it all away. The dump was also free for that period of the year. I think lots of items were recycled....I miss not having it too! I have a garage full of things that need to be put out to pasture. Little by little I give to charity…but some things need purging to the dump!

2:04 AM  
Blogger Sheila said...

Everything has to be in it's place before I tackle anything for fun. I too spent the weekend dejunking, it is the garden's turn...boy does it feel good to get all thise things out of the way.
Well done girl...!!!

5:06 AM  
Blogger Blue the Spa Girl said...

Yes, I am like that. Can't start anything new until the slate is clean, so to speak.
Vicci, hope you are well sweet mountain momma.
xoxoxo Your temps are making me jealous!

10:31 AM  
Blogger AnnieElf said...

Vicci, I have officially flipped. Is that postcard the announcement for the event? Can you send one to me? It is really cool looking.

11:32 AM  
Blogger AnnieElf said...

p.s. I think I may plan to come. Will let you know.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I know how it feels about getting rid of junk. It makes you feel so neat and tidy. I know it was alot of work. Glad you had a pretty week-end for it. I wish I could come to that art show in August. That looks like so much fun!

5:39 PM  
Blogger skinnylittleblonde said...

Wow, it's like the show is coming to see you! :) That sounds like such a good time...utoh, party at your place! I love to go, look & experience art festivals, but I hate that I can't bring everything home with me :) I always see so much I want!
LoL... we tore up an old blacktop driveway out back & I think I felt liberated getting it out of here...probably kinda like you watching all that debris burn ;)

9:54 PM  
Blogger Alix said...

Yep, I'm like that, too. I like order, at least. Things don't have to be sterile, and I can take a little dust, but when my environment gets cluttered and chaotic, my mind just doesn't seem to settle down enough to get into that creative flow. I think that's a totally cool idea your community has about designating a day and making it possible to get rid of your junk. De-cluttering can be so liberating! And the artists' retreat! Wonderful! Lots of neat things going on in Placerville. You'll have to host another meeting of the blog-artists like you did some months ago!


11:52 AM  

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