Sunday, October 22, 2006

A postcard from one of my fellow post-crossers in appropriate! I decided to do Daisy's goes!
1. What was your first childhood pet?
A collie named "Lady".
2. What was your favorite comic?
A comic called "Millie the Model"...I also liked Baby
Huey...Little Dot...And Veronica and Betty.
3. What was your favorite childhood book?
I had MANY favorite books...I've always
loved to read..."Heidi"...The Bobbsey Twins...
Little Women...Nurse...Cherry Ames...and
every one of the Nancy Drew books.
4. Did you ever have an imaginary friend
as a child?
Yes...a little dog that I named Chuckie that I
would talk to all the time.
5. Did you play an instrument as a child?
I started to take piano lessons...but didn't have
the patience to finish...Darn!
6. What was the first hit single record
that you bought?
It was probably one by Elvis...but the one I
actually remember is Traveling Man by
Ricky Nelson.
7. What tune sums up teenage summers?
For's "In My Room" by the Beachboys
8. What was the first pop concert you went to?
It was the Rolling Stones at the Memorial
Auditorium in Sacramento with my cousin
Maryellen..I was 15 years old. "Satisfaction"
was the hit song.
9. Fave teenage TV program?
American Bandstand...and Ozzie and Harriet...
I had a crush on Ricky Nelson.
10. Were you a naugty or a good girl at school?
I was a good girl...of course!
11. Miss Popularity, Artsy Pants, weirdo or
geek, which of these groups classify you at
High School?
Miss Artsy doubt...I was Art Editor
of my 8th grade yearbook...Art Club president
in High School...and painted a huge mural on
one of the hallway walls in my High School...
I've always loved art!!!
12. Girl most likely to (as in your yearbook)?
In my yearbook under each Senior class photo
was printed just one word that describes that
person...My word was "Mirthful"......
13. What color did you paint your bedroom
as a teenager?
I painted mine olive match my carpet.
I also painted my furniture, and drew pictures on
14. Very first paid job ever?
Well...I decided that boy's shouldn't be the only
ones that were allowed to have paper routes!
So...I applied...and got the job!!
I was in the 8th grade. I even got a special pin
that says..."Honorary First Girl-Carrier
of The Bee" (the Sacramento Bee is the paper I
delivered)....I made out like a bandit on that job!
Especially around the holidays...people thought
it was so cool to have a "girl carrier" they gave
me good tips and gifts. I still have that special
pin to this very day!
15. Have you ever been really drunk?
Yes!!! How many times? Lets just say Yes!
16. Did you smoke dope? Did you inhale?
C,mon...I'm a child of the 60's...Haight Ashbury..
flower power...and all those good ole' hippie both questions!
17. A stupid thing you did?
Got caught sneaking into the High School
swimming pool with a bunch of friends
(male and female) and going skinny-dipping!!
(sure felt good though).
18. Left-handed or right-handed?
19. Should you play a board game with me?
Sometimes....depends on my mood. I like
Scattergories...brain games that asks you questions
that make you think.
20. If you came to visit me what would we do?
Well...that depends...Summer or Winter?
Summer we would talk and laugh..have some ice
cool some art....go for a dip in the pool... lots of good food...BBQ's...go for a
summer hike..look at the with the
Winter...would be the same except we
would relax in front of the huge stone fireplace
...roast marshmallows...and hot dogs...and in the
evening run you a hot bath that you would
enjoy with soft glowing candles...and big warm
fluffy towels...
That about does it!!! Except for...Name 3 songs that
best describe you?
My 3 songs are....
1. "Lady of the Island" by CSN&Y
2. "Cool Change by Little River Band
3. "Leather and Lace" by Stevie Nicks
Now.....It's your turn!!! Thanks Daisy! for the fun


Blogger Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

OK I am officially freaking out here....I don't usually do Meme's but I thought I might do Daisy's tomorrow...thinking ahead about my answers I thought about the song that reminded me of summers and guess what it was...................IN MY ROOM! I swear when I read you answered that I said OMG outloud!! Of all the obscure songs.....who'd have thought it!! Are we related? ;)

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs...Nice...

4:59 PM  
Blogger Salix Tree said...

cool, you painted your furniture, I forgot I did that as well. With suns and rainbows and flowers...
This is a fun meme, amazing all the people who were hippies!

10:15 AM  

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