Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday "Happy Things Time".......

First of all...I just had to post what my horoscope says for the day!!!! (I'm laughing at this one)! Yesterday was a GIGANTIC mail day!!!! I got my calendar!!!!!! I got my cabinet cards!!!! and I got a wonderful COTM from Debbie...I will post pictures of all of it throughout my day!!!! But...first comes (15) more HAPPY things for this (rainy) Friday!!!! Here goes:
1. Friday= "weekend eve"
2. rainy leaves stuck like emblems on the walk.
3. the best climbing rocks.
4. the stars having a frosty twinkle.
5. sipping homemade apple cider.
6. animal sounds.
7. oak moss, citrus, quiet spice, woody smells.
8. watching kids ice-skate.
9. long sojourns.
10. manger scenes.
11. hoop earrings.
12. dark clouds settling on the mountain ridges.
13. listening to the magic workings of a flower, of a butterfly,
and of man's intellect.
14. misty mornings.
15. responding to a challenge.
I will be posting tons of eye-candy today!!!! (if blogger is nice)...
so be sure to keep checking on and off...I'm going to be working
on some Christmas ornament atc's today...that are for a swap!


Blogger Delta said...

Actually, you are number 5 if you're still interested. Email me your snail mail addy to Deltamoon95 at yahoo dot com to get on the list.

10:39 AM  

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