Monday, March 13, 2006

No Snow!!!!! Annie's Postcard

No snow this morning!!!! It is raining!!! Is Spring ever going to get here???? I heard on the news last night that on this day last year it was 85 degrees!!! No wonder I have Spring on my mind!? Today is errand day..and I get to pick up my package from the post is from my "Vintage Vixen"... I can't wait to rip into it! I made this postcard for a friend last night while sitting and watching "Extreme Make-Over"...I used one of those real estate cards that we are always getting in the mail...images from another card ...cut out some words...and added some letter stickers....she'll like this one! I'm looking forward to Spring so much because I'm itching to get out in the sunshine and work in the FLOWER bed!!!! I love doing that!


Blogger Laini said...

I LOVE that postcard!! So fun! And I'm with you on the ready-for-spring thing, but up here in Oregon it's not quite the same. Spring is great for blooming flowers, but it won't be warm in any reliable way for months yet. And that's okay. I would just love a few days in Mexico right about now!

5:14 PM  
Anonymous AnnieElf said...

Here I am looking for your snow pictures and VOILA! I get a prevue of my next card. I love the postcard. What a nice surprise. What fun. And speaking of next postcard, I just finished one for you. This is evolving into a series of "found" stuff for cards. This one is from a CSUS prof's ad for his home grown movie. I think you will appreciate the SNOW. LOL. Oh, and speaking of postcards, still no first official postcrossing card but two of my cards in my second wave of five have been posted. I'm become impatient. Can hardly wait.

9:13 AM  

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