Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Becky's Bounty!!!!!!

YIPPEE!!!! my WONDERFUL package arrived from BECKY over at http://istitch.blogspot.com/ my "Vintage Vixen"....Thank-You...Thank-You....Thank-You...Becky! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! Becky knows I like RED...so everything had the "RED THEME" to it...it came in a beautiful box..that I will be able to use... Here is a list of all my wonderful goodies...
1. Yummy Italian Amaretti cookies (that I love) in the red tin tied up in cellophane and red beads.
2. The most BEAUTIFUL sheer material that I adore....I'm still thinking of all the wonderful ways I can use this.
3. A picture of a Chinese Dancer (that you can cut out.)
4. A very OLD cookbook...wrapped in very cool paper.
5. An old Hymns book...and paperback book.."Tea and Sympathy"...along with an old "Child's 1st Piano book" (which has a red cover). Becky knows that BOOKS are one of my FAVORITE things in the whole world!
6. A really neat card that has a picture of "Chinese Peanuts" on it....
7. A tiny altoid tin full of crystals...Becky also knows I like "Rainbows in my Windows"....and a holy card with a picture of St. Anne...
I just Love everything!!! What a fun swap this was!
The other news for the day....YEP!!!! you guessed it!!! It is SNOWING again this morning!!! I REALLY hope that this is it for the Winter!! I just want to feel SUNSHINE on my face...and get out in the garden and work in the flowerbed....and FEEL WARMTH!!!!


Blogger Alexandra G said...

Seeing your care package swap makes me salivate for mail! I use to be the Queen of Mail among Peace Corps Volunteers when we were in Bulgaria. (Little did they know that I had BEGGED all back home to send letters, magazines, books, etc.!) Enjoy! (and thank you for sharing)

8:59 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

Vicci, you were fun to shop for, because of all the clues in the 'one hundred things about me list'. Did you notice the cook book has no cookie recipes? Isn't that weird? Anyway, I'm glad you like everything, and enjoy the snow while it lasts! -Becky

6:24 AM  

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