Sunday, September 25, 2005

This is a collage on canvas that I did for a swap...the theme was "Moon and Stars" is Sunday...and right now it is so peaceful..everyone is still sleeping. I love early morning...I love watching the sunrise and the shadows of light it creates everywhere. I hope to get some art work done today...I'm working on some Christmas atc's for a accordian book swap. I'm also working on the altoid tin...I finished the 9 little mini atc's that will go inside the tin. Yesterday we took our garnddaughter Ty out to breakfast..we went to Dennys...she had the "smiley face pancakes" and An and I had the chicken fried steak...(our favorite). (They never give you enough gravy)! After we got our stomachs full at breakfast we went to the library (one of my favorite places)...once again I found some wonderful books on the discount table. We also managed to get quite abit of yard work done today...and I bought some flowers to plant in pretty Fall colors. I'm going to post more photos of the cemetery trips ......and some photos that Andy took of some lilies that are blooming in the yard.


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