Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Growing up.........

and...I do mean growing "up"....Ty is going to be tall....she just started her 3rd year of basketball.......I LOVE my Granddaughter...soooo much! XXXXOOOO


Blogger Wanda said...

What a darling...yes they grow up of the reasons I'm so thilled to be moving close to all of mine.

LOL :)

9:12 AM  
Blogger Mary Timme said...

They do grow up fast and it is such a beauty she will be, too. She is pretty now, but oh, my, the possibilities for her!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Angela Marie said...

She is so pretty and looks so much like her grand-ma!
I can see she loves you too... precious!

10:20 AM  
Blogger Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Now stop me if I'm wrong Vic, but, Ty looks like she's aged!!! Not just taller, but older. Very mature looking now! That girl is growing up.
Hope you are well friend.
Hugs all around.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Tammy said...

What a beauty Vicci! I'm loving the snow but it keeps messing with my satellite signal.

Stay warm,

12:18 PM  
Blogger CattyCat said...

Ty is so pretty. I love her eyes. How tall is she by now? Love the page below. Gorgeous.

9:49 AM  

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