Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Beauty

It seems like I have been extremely quiet lately...but the truth is that I've been really busy with new projects...working outside (we are getting ready to paint the house this weekend)....doing lots of weeding...and tending to the flowers....I've also been taking lots of photographs for a year long photo project that I am doing....PLUS...working on art projects (none of which are ready to post yet)...and the usual everyday things...(you know...LIFE around the house). I do take lots of little breaks through out the day and read blogs...sometimes I start at the bottom of my favorites and work my way up...or vice versa....I have so many things that I want to do running around in my head that at times I make myself crazy! So...I make lists! One of my typical lists might be:
1. mop kitchen floor
2. work on art (finish ancestor swap) / start on birds and flowers 4x4
3. scan old photos / write to Alvin
4. go pick up pills at pharmacy
5. put new latches on cabinets
6. clean studio (on going)
7. write letters
8. work outside..more weeding...raking...burning ( buy new garden gloves)
9. plant new flowers
10. find fabric sheets for printing
11. clean up mess in yard made by the neighbors dog...who keeps knocking over our garbage can
12. make Dad breakfast...or lunch...or dinner....take Dad a rootbeer float
13. go thru more mags get the picture...I get so into doing things...that I don't really have too much to say...(sometimes)...the list above could go on and on. Tomorrow my sister and I are going to go buy paint materials for the big PAINTING weekend coming brother and sisters and all the partners are going to paint the house this weekend....oh...that reminds me...I want to make a big potato salad for that day..and clean one of the ice chests so we can put ice cold drinks in it for the "painting weekend"....see...those lists never end!
I post lots of photos of flowers! I do love them so....and when you look close at a flower through a camera lens something magical you enjoy all the Spring flowers that are starting to come alive out in my front yard...



Blogger Sheila said...

Keep posting those flower photos Vicci. i love them. I wish we weren't so far away, I would come and help you to paint.
With so many family members helping, it sounds more like fun than work..!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

I always love to see flower photos so keep 'em coming!! I know what you mean about your head being so full of things to do....the only problem is you actually do yours and I'm still thinking about mine!

1:08 PM  
Blogger Patti G. said...

Vicci, LOVE your flowers and your plans for the house and everything! I am excited for you and spring is definately in bloom at your house! WOW!

About the inch swap Vicci, it is off a closed group, but we certainly could try and do something like that on our group too! :) They are fun! Paper or fabric!

It was nice visiting your blog!

3:03 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

I always love to see flowers,,I am a flower freak. Going to post some of mine this week-end! Have fun with the painting party, at least you have alot of helpers!!

4:13 AM  

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