Monday, April 17, 2006

When We Were Wee

Me and my brother...Easter morning, 1957...such wonderful, wonderful memories! We lived in PA at the time (we moved here to California when I was in the 6th grade). We loved to hunt for our Easter baskets...and by the looks of this of the baskets was hidden in the cupboard! ( I can't remember which one)....but I do remember coloring eggs the night before...and getting a new Easter outfit for Sunday Mass. That was back when everybody wore a HAT to of course the new outfit included a new hat ! I wish that tradition was still around...I love hats! Nobody (in this town anyway) wears a hat to church anymore. I use to love to play "dress-up" and wear my Mom's hats...all over the house...with a piece of rolled up paper to look like a cigarette in my hand...(back then it was actually fashionable to smoke cigarettes)! I would strut around in the (too big) high heels...a fancy hat...and "pretend puff" on that cigarette! I also remember these pajamas that we are wearing in the photo..they snapped at the waist and had feet in them...all the kids wore these! We wore these jammies...until the knees and toes had holes in them! This was a perfect topic for "Sunday Scribbles" nickname when I was small was "Wee-Wee"...later shortend to "Wee"..and I will never forget the time...years later..we had already been living here in California... I was a Freshman in High School...I got a phone call one night from some boy... my Dad answered the phone. I heard my Dad say.."Wee-Wee's not here now...she's in the tub! Oh My God! I was so mortified that my Dad actually said that over the phone!!! to a boy!!!! (no less). I had a fit! and that was the last time they called me Wee-Wee.


Blogger primdollie said...

Oh now I too remeber those times all too well! always the egg hunt new hat and new outfit and my fancy shoes too! and so loved to get dressed up for church then and show off!! how fun we remember those times so well and lucky me never did have a nickname!!! but I'm sure if I did my dad would have done the same thing!!! Happy Easter memories my dear!!!!
husg Linda

11:23 AM  
Blogger liz elayne said...

oh i am cracking up a bit at that last story...the last time they called you wee wee...
these memories are wonderful. my husband and i both talk about loving those pajamas with feet...the good old days. they actually sold adult size ones at target last year. i tried them on and felt a bit like an easter bunny...they did not come home with me...the memories are better than the actual for this old body.

11:18 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

i wish fancy hats would come back, too. i have a wide-brimmed staw one i wear sometimes in the summer. i think i'll make a point of looking for other stylish hats to incorporate. who cares what's trendy? go for STYLE!

that bit about your nickname was hilarious, and well-rendered.

3:12 PM  

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