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On Sunday my son and I went out to Slab Creek to check out all the water. We have had so much rain this Winter ( and Spring)...that the lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and even creeks are all at capacity. It was really an awesome trip and I want to share the photos and some of the history of the area with you...(I love taking these "little adventure journeys") with my son...they are all very special to me...and spontaneous which make them even more exciting!
Slab Creek Reservoir is a narrow lake located along the upper South Fork of the American River in Northern California's El Dorado County. The steep shores are lined with rock slabs, waterfalls, oaks, and pine trees. The remains of the old Pony Rxpress trail can be seen from the lake. There are many activities here including: kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, and sightseeing.
According to Mikala...KAYAKER... (story taken from his article).....
Slab Creek is an excellent paddle that not many people know of (or at least paddle on). The reservoir is a long, narrow lake that is surrounded by slabs of rocks on along the shoreline, mixed with green pine trees and oaks. The water is crystal clear and very cold.
The first time we paddled this lake, we put-in at the (Eastern) portion. You can only put in at times when the water level is high. otherwise the water is shollow and rocky, and moving too fast to enter. This story starts at the eastern part of the lake....
As we started our paddle, we floated with the last of the river flow that enters the reservoir. I immediately began to notice the large slab rocks along the sides. (hence the name "Slab Creek"). At this part of the lake, there are not many places to land, but it is so beautiful. A little further, we came upon a trickling waterfall on the left. (picture of this waterfall below...now FULL). The rocks were covered in moss and trailing vines. I could kayak right up to the rock wall and get under the dripping water. Continuing on, we were able to kayak up three inlets where small streams were entering the lake. The inlets are fun to explore. As we glided along the clear water, I could see the rock formations continuing below the water.
We finally reached the end of the lake on the eastern part (about 4 miles in), where the dam is located. This area is surrounded by red dirt and small rocks. It was late afternoon...and the water was as flat as glass. The fish started jumping all around us. As I paddled along the shore, I could see the fish swimming below my kayak. It was amazing!

This is an excerpt taken from a kayakers point of view..(makes ya want to take up kayaking huh!!??) I think you get the idea of how beautiful this area is...and how much water is here now! It is really a sight to see.....going along in to the area is kinda scary because the road is pretty narrow in some spots (no turning around)..one side are the slabs of rock..and the other a cliff going down to the water...as long as you go slow and don't do anything stupid...it is fine! I really enjoyed this little adventure...and wanted to share some of the photos I took that day...


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oh this sounds incredible. wish i was brave enough to kayak. i would need one of those inflatable kind that just looks like it would never tip over! (i am afraid of deep water...i must admit that is the truth)

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