Friday, March 31, 2006

I AM BACK !!!!!!!!

YES.....YES......YES.....the phone is working !!!!! and the computer is back !!!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays this seems like the phone company always has problems when it rains alot...and Man ! Has it been raining!!!!And another big storm is due tonight...It really is amazing how much rain we have had....along with much colder temps.....maybe we won't have a Spring...and it will go right in to Summer with temps. in the hundred wouldn't surprise me! Most of the week was spent dealing with the phone company.....and freaking out because the computer was down also...working on the chunky book swap...I bought a long utility table today so I have more space to work on...the desk in the studio gets so full and I end up working on a tiny little space table will help ! Posted a poem below for Poetry Thursday by Pablo Neruda...I love his poetry....speaking of Poetry...April is National Poetry Month...check out this cool poetry
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday !!!!!!


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