Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here is part of my "take it Easy" relaxing day....I made fresh lemonade with lime....YUMMY!....had a nice piece of vanilla of the butterflies in the yard.



Blogger CattyCat said...

You are such a romantic. Tee hee. Off to PT.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Wanda said...

Can I come over?

9:50 AM  
Blogger skinnylittleblonde said...

Your lemonade looks so very good! There is nothing Vicci can't do!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Wow...I wanna piece...please...


1:05 AM  
Blogger Angela Marie said...

Oh my Gosh! I am drooling! You have to post how to make this yummy vanilla cake!

Or e-mail it to me~!

6:31 PM  

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