Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Yesterday was a "Thrift Store"...kinda day!! I'm in a "Vintage Vixen" swap...and went to go shopping for my "Vixen"...Amy....well...I found all kinds of goodies, but I can't post them until Amy gets them...but for me...I found these cool little shot glasses (An has a shot glass collection). I'm not sure what this kind of glass is called...does anyone out there know? I love it! They are glossy...and have rainbow colors all over them...(hard to explain). Since I'm in the project called 29,000 Floating Ducks (a journal that's going all over the world)..I've been looking for "DUCK" things...and I found this old children's book published in 1941....for 3.00...the illustrations in it are beautiful! (more pics below)...oh! and the cookies I found at the GROCERY store...they are soooooo good! If you like chocolate and coconut..then these are the cookies for you! Busy day today....the snow is gone...and I have to take Toby to the groomers and get some packages ready to mail...etc. etc.


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