Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another old photo...from left to on down the line is...my grandfather, Laurence...Lester Smith (my Aunt's husband)...my granfather's brother, Aaron...my dad, Bruce, and my aunt Sis.
It is BEAUTIFUL outside today!!! It is so wonderful to have the sun shining! It is supposed to be in the 60's all week...so I have been working outside in the yard for a little time each day..raking leaves...clipping plants..etc. I know Winter is not over...but the SUN feels so good! I'm going to start on a swap project today...and do some organizing in the studio..(clean out some drawers)...I am so excited that it's not raining that I feel almost "giddy"...SO...I plan on taking a nice long walk just me, and Toby....time to get the camera out too!


Anonymous Christine said...

This picture is my favorite!!

4:48 PM  

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