Friday, July 29, 2005

more art...this is a tag book with slide mount pictures inside...this one was done for a swap.
It is Friday already...and today it is supposed to be in the 90's...that is a welcome sight! I am still in the process of cleaning the art room...and did manage to finish two swaps yesterday...the "mini" atc's...and the altered postcards with the theme of Hollywood Classics of the 50's. I'm going to work on the "Harry Potter swap today...that should be interesting. I also have to scan lots and lots of pictures and name them along with resize I am going to shoot for opening the blog (for the world to see) on Monday...can't make any promises..An is helping me work on the header...I'm not 100% satisfied with friend Catherine told me about a new art technique that was fun!!! take white and colored tissue paper...put a plastic cover down on your kitchen counter..and lay a piece of white tissue on it...then start (at random) putting a colored piece on top of that...take a spray bottle ..and start wetting the tissue...all the colors bleed on to the white tissue and the effects are a pretty piece of "tie-dyed" tissue..these are nice for backgrounds or book covers etc. Time to feed the animals, they are yelling at me!!! This Friday...I wish for you lots of crazy wild creativity...and moments of serene peace!!!


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