Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cultivate Your Brain...

Good Saturday Morning !!!!! This is an altered book I did...."Cultivate"....I'm up with the sunrise today....thanks to the DOG and CAT!!!!!!!
That's okay...I love seeing the is cleaning day...errand day.....working on art day...then later Maryellen...Amanda and Sara are coming up...we are going to meet for dinner.....not sure where yet...I think Maryellen said something about "The Cozmic Cafe"....sounds good to me! One of my sisters called last night and asked me if I would record a song for her by Sarah McLachlan called "River" is on the "Wintersong" CD...actually River is an old song that Joni Mitchell did on her "Blue" album....anyway...I just listened to it...and it made me cry....I better listen to a happier song now....or else my eye's will be puffy all day! Hope everyone has a JOY-FULL Saturday!!!!!


Blogger Maryellen said...

Well as you say in your 100 things about you - you cry a lot. Just the sign of the sensitive loving woman that you are. Yup, see you at The Cozmic Cafe at 5:00 p.m. Kinda early, but we gotta get to the motel and check in and then do costumes and then get to the party/dance. Fun fun fun. Can't wait to swap goodies with you over dinner. LOL

10:16 AM  

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