Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Up early this morning and decided to bake a carrot cake...well...after searching the whole entire house for baking soda..I finally realized I MUST take off my sweat pants....throw on my jeans and run to the grocery store for baking soda..Grrrrr.....I ended up here at the computer and started looking at blogs...I found another good one..called A Sweet Life.
Michelle asks the question: "What five things do you miss about your childhood?" Here are my answers...
1. First of all..I miss my Mom..she passed away in 2000 from breast cancer. She was a great MOM..and I remember her playing with us kids when we were all small...she would strap on the toy gun and holster, and play cowboys and Indians with my brother...or play dress up with me..I would be Marilyn (Marilyn Monroe) and she would be Gina ...I would make her call me Marilyn all day..and we would walk around all day with high heels on..smoking a fake cigarette (back when smoking was cool)...I remember her voice and her laughter and really I miss them!
2. I miss Lancaster PA where I grew cousin Rose who was like a sister to me..we are only 2 weeks apart in age..and we only lived two blocks from each other..we would play every day..go to the penny candy store on the corner and each buy a bag of candy! We would also roller skate (with the old metal skates) hopscotch...or decide to "Hula Hoop"...and one of our favorite things to do was to sit on the front porch and play jacks....
3. I miss the holidays...especially Christmas. My Dad would (every Christmas) build a huge platform underneath the Christmas tree and put up a train (old Lionel) with a village and all..even miniature ice skating ponds and hills with little skiers brother and I would sit and watch that train for hours!
4. I miss soft pretzels. On Saturday mornings (early) the soft pretzel man would stand on the corner and yell "Soft Pretzels"...we would race in to Mom or Dad and quick get a quarter for a bag of hot fresh soft pretzels..yummy! (they never did the soft pretzel thing here in California).
5. I miss the colors of the seasons.....I miss my cousins....most of all I miss the whole family being together....I'm so grateful I had such a great childhood. Thanks Michelle...for the great question and bringing back all those good memories for me...time now to go to the store for that baking soda! (the picture is all of us kids in 1958)..I'm the one with her mouth open!


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